Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson Pepsi Footage Revealed

Here's some astounding video that captures the infamous 1984 Pepsi burning incident where Michael Jackson's hair caught fire.

The much-discussed accident happened when pyrotechnics exploded too soon during one take of the Pepsi commercial.

You can actually see MJ's head catch fire. This is like the Zapruder film for pop music fans, and it was only recently released by Us Weekly.

Some say MJ developed an addiction to painkillers after this that might have precipitated his June 25 death by cardiac arrest.

I say that's an astounding leap. Either way, it's odd to finally see this footage.


Thursday, July 9, 2009

Genesis To Release Live Box Set

Good news if you're a Genesis fan.

Billboard reports that the band, on the heels of reissuing its tremendous 1970-1975 output, is pulling together its live albums.

Keyboardist Tony Banks told Billboard the live compilation is "the next logical thing to do."

Expect small-venue tracks from the Peter Gabriel years - the only years if it's up to me - as well as mega stadium shows from the Phil Collins years.

Included in the 10-disc box, set for a Sept. 29 release from Rhino, is five of the group's six live albums, as well as a treasure trove of unreleased booty.

The Salmon's got his eyes on the oft-bootlegged "Live at the Rainbow" show in 1973, shortly after the band released Selling England by the Pound.

The Gabriel years, while commercially disappointing, reeked of brilliance.

As an aside, check out Collins' (second from left) sweet beard and muscle shirt. He already looks like he's mulling pushing Gabriel (center) out of the picture.

Let me wet your gullet with an underrated gem off the band's 1971 LP Nursery Cryme. Only Brits would spell in so goofy a manner.

- SoR

Thursday, July 2, 2009

The Michael Jackson Revival

No big surprise here.

The death of Michael Jackson seems to be doing wonders for his album sales.

Since his death last week, Jackson has dominated the charts.

Billboard says Jackson occupies nine of the top 10 album catalog sales, meaning sales of records from back catalogs.

iTunes has also gone Jacko crazy. Nine of the top 10 most-downloaded music videos as of Thursday afternoon belonged to Jackson, and the Essential Michael Jackson collection remains poised atop the albums list.

We've seen this phenomenon before when it comes to recently-passed artists. See Otis Redding, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash, Nirvana and Tupac Shakur if you need proof.

Me? The Salmon already has his Jackson albums, although I could go for a 90-minute collection of MJ's greatest dance moves. I hope the Jackson fam's listening.