Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Interview tomorrow with Of Montreal's Jamey Huggins

I've scored a tentative interview with Of Montreal's multi-instrumentalist James Husband, aka Jamey Huggins, Thursday.

Huggins is a longtime member of the fantastic Athens band, which at the moment appears to be headed for the spotlight. It's about time.

Of Montreal is what you would get if the Beatles turned into superfreaks. Their ultra-catchy songs can be thrilling, beautiful, hilarious and poignant.

Check out their new LP Skeletal Lamping to hear what Brian Wilson might have sounded like if he had moral support from the rest of the Beach Boys.

Huggins recorded a solo album several years ago under the Husband monicker, and filled it with more of the harmony-laden, electro-pop Of Montreal is known for, indicating frontman Kevin Barnes isn't the only big brain in this band.

Check back in tomorrow for a transcript of the interview.

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